The Luxury of Being Able to Connect on the Go

For people who work with their computer, having access to a reliable connection is very important. However, if you are a world nomad, meaning you love traveling the world and often find yourself exploring from one country to the next, you’ll have to face the problem of Internet connectivity. Being on the go has its advantage, but the most obvious disadvantage is that you cannot control your Internet connection.

When you stay at home or work in an office, you have someone to complain to when your Internet is not working properly. It may be a service provider. It may be a sudden power outage. It may even be some misconfiguration that you did yourself. But then you could just log into the router and reset everything. Easy fix.

However, when you are on the road, you really don’t know what will happen next. It’s no longer your home and you are no longer in control. The wifi at the next hostel may just be nonexistent. You may complain to the staff, but there’s no guarantee that it will be fixed by the time you depart to a new location. Unreliable Internet is what you should expect if you travel from one place to another frequently.

How to Work or Play Your Favorite Game While Travelling

Having said that, it doesn’t mean you can’t work or enjoy your favorite video game while you are traveling. As long as you put Internet connectivity as your priority when deciding to visit a new place, you should be fine. Most hotels are equipped with wifi these days, the rest of the problem is to figure out if the provided wifi is reliable or not. Sometimes, you just happen to get assigned a room that is too far away from the router and hence you have trouble connecting. If that’s the case, consider explaining the situation to see if they can give you another room with a better connection.

If you travel extensively, it may be a good idea to buy an international sim card with a data plan. This sim card is different from the normal sim you have. It may cost more to order it for the first time, but it allows you to make international calls at much cheaper rates than a normal sim, and if you choose a data plan to go with it, you’ll be able to surf the web as well, regardless of which country you are in (of course it has to be a supported country). Many frequent travelers choose this option to avoid unpleasant surprises from their mobile network service provider when returning home. You surely don’t want to deal with expensive roaming charges in your phone bills.

With an international sim card and a carefully planned itinerary, your Internet problem can be solved and you could easily work, play games or do anything while on the road. Imagine being able to play World of Warcraft or your favorite casino slot game such as Unibet Free Spins while staying in a hotel in a country 3,000km away from home. Isn’t that amazing. Thanks to technology, we are now able to enjoy the comfort that was unavailable just a decade ago.

If you are social and want to meet new people, why not go to a local bar and play there? People who have the same interest may strike up a conversation with you first on seeing you play their favorite game. This is a great way to break the ice and have a topic to talk about. If you hit it off, you can invite them for a night out together. It’s good to step aside from the computer or mobile for a while and focus on exploring the new place, especially with local people.

Above are some ideas to help you stay connected while on the go. Be a brave and smart traveler. As long as you have Internet access and a working computer or mobile, you can do anything.